Unique Venues

Here, we introduce some useful Karuizawa Resort MICE programs and support services. The unique venues of Karuizawa lend a
different atmosphere to meetings, training and conferences, providing satisfaction to guests.

Karuizawa Resort MICE Programs

Team building with curling

Everybody has heard of curling – but who has ever tried it?We offer you a curling program that provides an outstanding setting for team-building with your group.

Fee: From ¥9,720 per person (180 min., reservation required)
Note: Time and fees are customizable.

Enquiries:0267-48-5555 (Karuizawa Ice Park) Website:http://www.kazakoshi-park.jp/curling-programs/corporate/

Sports festival-type team matches

Offering a number of activities for both the athletic field and the gymnasium organized similarly to school-type sports festivals and involving team matches.
Feel free to contact us for program contents, details, etc.

Enquiries:0267-48-5555 (Karuizawa Ice Park)

Picchio Wildlife Research Center programs

Karuizawa is a highland resort area situated at the foot of Mt. Asama at an elevation of 1,000 m. It is home to many kinds of wild birds and plants, a rich natural environment despite its close proximity to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Using Karuizawa as a classroom, at Picchio, we provide unique programs to organizations for the purposes of meetings and training in which participants can enjoy spending time in forests Karuizawa style. From icebreaking to teambuilding, our programs are customizable to suit the goals of clients. We invite you to come and experience Picchio’s programs, which have been developed over the course of two decades.

Guided bird watching tour in Karuizawa National Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest

Fees: 1 guide/¥25,000; participation fee/¥400 per person; binocular rental/¥300 per pair

Team competitions Forest orientation in Karuizawa National Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest

Fees: 1 guide/From ¥30,000 *Minimum of 3 guides required. *Guide fee of ¥30,000 for up to 3 hours, ¥40,000 for up to 4 hours; participation fee/¥1,000 per person; planning fee/¥50,000
*All fees are displayed with tax not included.

We also provide other programs. Please enquire for more details.

Enquiries:0267-45-7777 (Picchio Visitor Center)
Website: http://picchio.co.jp/sp/

Printing, signboard production, etc.

We print and produce materials needed by clients for their training sessions and seminars, including documents, leaflets, signboards and banners. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests. Website: http://adaid.jp

Enquiries: 0267-46-0055 (ADAID Inc.)
Website: http://adaid.jp