Privacy policy

Regarding the protection of the personal information of purchasers and homepage users, the Karuizawa RCC Promotion Council (below, The Website) will endeavor to protect this precious personal information in accordance with requirements of applicable laws, ordinances, and other standards.

“Personal Information” refers to information related to an individual living person in forms such as descriptions, symbols, images, audio and records which can be used to identify an individual (including information which is not enough to identify an individual on its own but can be easily used as a reference in combination with other information to identify the applicable individual). More specifically, this term refers to information such as individuals’ names, ages, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, places of employments, hobbies, information entered by the applicable individuals, information related to services, and inquiries made by the individuals, as well as other information which could be used to identify them.

The council takes a detail-oriented approach to the management of Personal Information, handles it with care, and operates with strict control of its storage and usage. Personal Information will never be sold, transferred, or disclosed to any third party. However, the information will be used in cases including but not limited to the following, and this usage will respect the importance of protecting the applicable Personal Information.

Within the scope necessary for the fulfillment of our operations, this company will use and provide Personal Information acquired through legal and proper means for defined purposes with respect for the rights of the owner of said Personal Information, and will provide appropriate support measures to the owner for disclosure, revision, or other modification to the applicable Personal Information.

Please be aware that we bear no responsibility for the handling of provision or collection of personal information at third-party pages linked from The Website. Please confirm the privacy policy of linked sites.

*The content of this page is subject to change without prior notice.