Presenting “Karuizawa Resort MICE,” an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

“When Canadian missionaries visited Karuizawa, they were so taken with the beautiful natural surroundings that they built vacation homes, and this was the start of Karuizawa’s history as a summer resort area.
Karuizawa Resort MICE is one of Japan’s major highland resort areas, and it provides an escape from your everyday life through lush natural scenery which changes with the seasons.
Karuizawa issues high-quality, sophisticated information transmissions, elevating the status of organizers who host their events here.”

Merits of Karuizawa Resort MICE

  • Because the Karuizawa MICE facility is located at an elevation of approximately 1,000 meters, holding an event here will stimulate the brains of participants.
  • This stimulation builds creativity and imagination and also elevates motivation.
  • A variety of activities you can only find in resort areas are available for your use as team-building exercises.
  • Our VIP security force has abundant experience in maintaining safety in the area at all times, and we have hosted many different types of events, including international meetings, government and academic conferences, and corporate training sessions.
  • In September 2016, the “G7 Transport Ministers Meeting” was held here with the related ministers from the G7 countries in attendance.

Accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area
Bullet train and expressway routes are available for transportation, providing favorable access from the capital. We can also handle meetings and seminars with participants from all over the country.
Improved motivation for participants
The 1,000 meter elevation of the area stimulates the brain, and this has been shown to increase creativity and imagination. The open spaces we provide will contrast with what you’re used to, helping you tap into new power.
Stimulating communication
Spending time in the same space as event participants raises morale and strengthens feelings of unity. Expect more energizing discussions than usual.
Elevating status
Hosting meetings and training sessions will improve your corporate branding, and hosting academic conferences and meetings will elevate the status of the organizers.
The enjoyment of a sightseeing area
Activities such as golf, tennis, and skiing are available. The area also has an abundance of shopping and spa facilities, as well as Japanese, Chinese, and Western restaurants, so there’s a lot to enjoy after your meeting is finished.
Enjoy the atmosphere of our resort and experience stimulating communication a step above what you’re used to!