Facility list

Edohara Pension

  • Breadth: 56m2
  • Conference room: 1 room
  • Total number of rooms: 9 rooms

A pension with an old-fashioned name located in the tranquil woods of Sengatakinaka-ku

Shiotsubo Onsen Hotel

  • Breadth: 231m2
  • Conference room: 5 rooms
  • Total number of rooms: 43 rooms

A hotel with the concept of “friendly to people and nature,” where guests can refresh themselves after meetings with a dip
in a hot spring and a traditional Japanese banquet


  • Breadth: 180m2
  • Conference room: 4rooms
  • Total number of rooms: 30rooms

Unique accommodation and meeting/training facilities situated in a national park,
making the very best of Karuizawa’s stunning natural environment