Resort MICE applications

Thanks to the high-speed transportation network in Karuizawa, access from the Tokyo metropolitan area and other parts of Japan is simple. In addition, our experienced VIP security force members maintain safety in the area, and we have successfully hosted events such as meetings and seminars for government and financial industry participants. Health and sports activities are also available, making Karuizawa the perfect environment for events such as large-scale seminars, corporate training sessions, subcommittee meetings, and incentive trips.

Merits, achievements

Meeting hosting achievements

We also have experience hosting a number of domestic and international meetings.
2021 Domestic meetings International meetings
237 17,147people 2 520people
2021 Domestic meetings
237 17,147people
International meetings
2 520people
2020 Domestic meetings International meetings
130 11,720people 2 300people
2020 Domestic meetings
130 11,720people
International meetings
2 300people
2019 Domestic meetings International meetings
631 142,004people 4 1,722people
2019 Domestic meetings
631 142,004people
International meetings
4 1,722people
2018 Domestic meetings International meetings
715 90,771people 3 270people
2018 Domestic meetings
715 90,771people
International meetings
3 270people
2017 Domestic meetings International meetings
799 125,420people 0 0people
2017 Domestic meetings
799 125,420people
International meetings
0 0people
2016 Domestic meetings International meetings
664 121,970people 2 1,050people
2016 Domestic meetings
664 121,970people
International meetings
2 1,050people
2015 Domestic meetings International meetings
715 68,643people 2 904people
2015 Domestic meetings
715 68,643people
International meetings
2 904people
2014 Domestic meetings International meetings
593 78,900people 2 1,320people
2014 Domestic meetings
593 78,900people
International meetings
2 1,320people
*Statistics supplied by the conference member facilities.


Corporate meetings and training sessions

The open surroundings provide a different environment to what participants are used to, stimulating communication and promoting the development of creative new ideas. Can be used as a site for a wide range of different events such as meetings of your top executives and training sessions for staff working in the same position or new employees.


International meetings and academic conferences

Not only domestic participants but also those invited from overseas are sure to be pleased with the atmosphere that Karuizawa provides. Hosting here elevates the status of event organizers.


Corporate incentive and training trips

Karuizawa offers an abundant variety of lodging facilities and restaurants ideal for training sessions and bonus trips that are sure to motivate your employees.


Lots of off-site activities are available in the sightseeing area of Karuizawa

Offering a range of activities such as golf and winter sports, as well as sightseeing facilities. Karuizawa provides its own unique form of enjoyment. Activities can also be used to deepen bonds through interaction after your seminar or meeting.